Akron Probate Lawyer 
Ron Koehler

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Ron can help you with a guardianship application or dispute

Ron Koehler has 25 years experience helping clients apply for guardianships.  Ron also has experience managing the guardianship, including court-mandated inventories, accounts, annual reports and civil land sales.  Ron can also represent a person who is the subject of a proposed guardianship application who doesn't want a guardian appointed.  Ron can also represent family members who need help protecting a loved on from an unscrupulous guardian who is taking advantage of the ward.

There are two kinds of guardianship: A minor guardianship is used to hold assets that belong to a person under age 18, who receives the assets as a result of a court settlement or inheritance.  An 'incompetent' guardianship is set up to protect an adult who, as a result of illness or injury, is no longer able to take care of him or herself.  Both require filling out the proper probate forms, securing a bond, and appearing at a hearing in probate court.  Ron will be with you every step of the way.